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1385198_518997358194685_1524665355_nThis used to be my dream board. I created this back when I was in college and preserved it in an album. The best part of this is achieving everything I pasted in here (well except for getting a dog). There is not a lot in here, not even a dream to go abroad. I have very simple dreams. And now, I get a taste of life to the fullest. Tonight I am going to bed and pray that He will bless all our plans as we work to help others. We pray for a new day full of strength, courage and opportunities. And as we give thanks for the passing of this day, we look forward to a new tomorrow to be able to continue what we have not finished today.

Here’s My Gratitude List

* My God whose presence has always been felt
* For the Mom that I have become
* My relationship with my husband
* Watching my husband turn into a father
* Parenting skills
* A complete, happy family
* My two little angels who always brightens my day
* A global business that I built out of scratch
* A dream home to live in
* A good marriage to keep and fight for
* My husband who always make me smile
* Family who stood with us during tough times
* Forgiveness and love
* The fact that I get a few hours sleep but still manage to do a lot
* My clients who chose me
* My busy laptop lifestyle with an erratic schedule
* The fact that, I can still tend my plants, cook a meal for my family and take care of our home interiors
* The fact that we are in the pink of health and able to exercise
* The fact that I can help other women who are interested to grow a virtual assistant business
* Coffee latte and my favorite blueberry cheesecake in my favorite restaurant
* This whole new chapter of our lives in a place called Dumaguete, where everything really started
* Living a dream of dressing up a Christmas tree in our own home for the past 15 years, and this year it will come true
* The love and all-out support of my love, Franz.

Now I will sleep smiling 🙂

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