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Quotables from Lisa Nichols

Quotables from Lisa Nichols
A brilliant woman serves from her overflow.  ~ Lisa Nichols

One of the best podcasts I tuned in to was on the LadyBrille Mag show with the brilliant, Lisa Nichols. I can’t help but take down some notes and put them in graphics for our social media followers.  Check these out and feel free to share to your tribe.


va-for-life-post-2-copy supporting-women-leaders-lisa-nichols-2


How about you? What’s your definition of a brilliant woman? Tune in to Lisa Nichols’ interview here.

Quotable from Laura Stack

Quotable from Laura Stack
Only allow yourself to have a maximum of five tasks on your to-do list each day. ~ Laura Stack

What if procrastination bites you in the middle of a busy day? For me, I like to take a quick walk outside. It helps me calm my mind and refuels me with inspiration to take on my tasks. I would like to try some of these simple, helpful tips that Lara shares in her blog.

Here are Five Ways to Use Procrastination to Your Benefit: A Counterintuitive Productivity Method by Laura Stack.


You can be a productivity pro when you implement all fives tips. Read the full of article authored by Laura Stack here.  What is your productivity hack? Feel free to share.

Quotable from Lacey Craig

Quotable from Lacey Craig
Being grateful for success creates more of it. ~ Lacey Craig

She believes there is *no secret* in creating a six figure business. Celebrating her first year in the industry, Lacey Craig of A Lit Up Life shares 25 golden lessons on how she worked her way up. You can read her article published on The Huffington Post.

supporting women leaders lacey craig


Click here to read the rest of the 24 golden business lessons from Lacey Craig.


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