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Still Using Facebook? Elevate Your Marketing Strategy With Google

Still Using Facebook? Elevate Your Marketing Strategy With Google

Having a network to support your website is vital to get more readerships and credibility among internet users. Product campaigns can be easily launched with confidence that there will be a good number of people to participate in it. But if you are solely using Facebook, your missing out a great deal of opportunities that Google can bring to your business.

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In less than 5 years, Google has already built an online ecosystem which is of great advantage in internet marketing.  SEO, being on the side of Google could be more secured, and creating an image of being trusted becomes easier under Google’s branding umbrella.  So if you are still using Facebook as part of your SEO and/or social media strategy, let’s work to elevate that a bit with the help of Google. Its apps are very effective!

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1.    YouTube
Google acquired YouTube recently, and campaigns through videos can now be easily shared in Google+, as well as comments made by ticking the box saying “also show in Google+”.
Comments in Google+ from the video shared would also appear on YouTube’s website and vice versa as long as it was enabled by the user. Exchanging in comments is a good sign in increasing awareness and engagement about your video.
2.    Maps
Google Maps is highly used among people who are using GPS, and even those who are just looking for physical stores of their favourite products. If you get listed in Google Places, your visibility towards potential customers is increased. This would also work great if you receive good ratings from your previous sales.
3.    Google+
If you are looking for a more serious market, then Google+ could help you. With the popularity of Facebook, only people who have serious internet usage join Google+. Google+ is a perfect medium for launching content or campaigns that needs more attention.
Google+ isn’t that crowded and worthy posts could easily get noticed.
Google’s ecosystem can be very beneficial if you are looking for a network that would surely last long. It is very easy to use, given that almost all of the things that you need to get connected is already part of its system.

Looking for a Virtual Assistant? 3 Top Factors That Make A Great VA

Looking for a Virtual Assistant? 3 Top Factors That Make A Great VA

looking for a virtual assistantIt is always a good choice to delegate a portion of your workload to others to make sure you don’t break down at the end of the day. You may be very good at what you do, but you should always give yourself some reservation to uphold consistency in delivering your product or service.

Virtual Assistants or VAs are now widely hired by companies both big and small to make their operations more efficient. You can also do the same regardless of which country you come from. Here are the 3 top factors that make a great virtual assistant if you are looking to hire one.

1. Reputation

While scams are proliferating the Internet,  you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim by reading virtual assistant testimonials. When looking for a virtual assistant it is crucial to review his or her reputation. By the previous services rendered, you would be able to see what type of person you would be working with, giving you warning if necessary.

2. Expertise

If you are going to hire a VA for long-term work, it is okay to invest in training. Some clients would even provide computers, knowing that they could earn more from their investment in return.

But if you need the job get done with quality the soonest time possible, VA’s expertise should be the first requirement.

3. Communication

Because all transactions that you do with your VA are done online, it is important that he or she has stable internet connection, and a prompt attitude. You surely can’t afford to get half-baked outputs just because you failed to agree on what should really be done for each project.

Those tips would just guide you in looking for the perfect VA. But always remember, that your discernment is better than any rule or standard. After all, working with an assistant is a partnership.

Top 3 Secrets To Help Improve Your Site Ranking the Right Way

Top 3 Secrets To Help Improve Your Site Ranking the Right Way

Top Secrets To Help Improve Your Site Ranking the Right Way

Top 3 Secrets To Help Improve Your Site Ranking the Right WayGoogle, being the widest used search engine, highly affects how a business would grow in the online community. Its online presence has a big part in sales performance, which is the reason why site ranking is could mean how well your company would earn.
There are different ways on how to build your Google ranking, but one should be flexible enough to welcome changes and updates. In the recent change of Google ranking rules, when Google Penguin was launched in 2012, many websites went down because of bad SEO practices.
Here are my top 3 secrets that will help you improve your site ranking the right way:
1. Grow your network organically
Linking your website to another has been a practice of SEO to bring constant or even more traffic. Building a huge network used to put a website on top of the search results, but the updated ranking rules considers the kind and quality of websites linking back to yours.
When your backlinks come from unrelated sites, your website ranking would go down.
2. Use SEO keywords moderately
The first rule in increasing your online rank is to write quality content. Thus, you should invest on the quality of the articles that you have on your website. It is a no-no for a content to have keywords repeated much in the article. The write up should sound natural as much as possible.
3. Do not be afraid to outsource
Outsourcing would be necessary as you take care of your SEO. You can hire analysts, for example, so that you can focus more on your other rank campaigns. Hire a pro to take care of things.
To sum everything up, quality should be put first ahead of quantity. There is no shortcut in reaching the top, and that means putting a lot of effort to be true to what is expected from you.

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