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Eek! I have chicken pox!

Eek! I have chicken pox!

Over the weekend, I felt really strange – as if I was going to be sick. The next day, I noticed blisters on my arm and leg. I was terribly itching and experienced body malaise for a couple of days. Until, my doctor confirmed it was chicken pox!

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I never had chicken pox before – not in my younger years! It got me so worried not for myself but for my two little boys. I was determined to remain positive at these times of illness and cried out in prayer.

As a working mother, I capitalize on my health tremendously. Health is indeed my wealth for it allows me to do the things that I love to do and at the same time continue to serve my family and the people across the globe. I had to call in sick for a day to regain my strength but my mind keeps creating…

Here’s a video I recorded recently on thoughts about virtual assistance and work appreciation while having chicken pox.

On hindsight, my chicken pox illness reminded me how much I love my work as a virtual assistant. It made me appreciate virtual assistance while I was isolated for two solid weeks. My fighting spirit flourished and made me realize that chicken pox is not a hindrance to getting things done. I thought – I can still make my clients happy despite having chicken pox.

When I woke up the next day, I read several uplifting messages in my inbox that read:

virtual assistant reviews

It feels grand to contribute unique value to somebody across the globe and to be recognized for it. I love what I do!

… Because work is love made visible amidst chicken pox.

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How To Raise Your Rates With Confidence

How To Raise Your Rates With Confidence

raising your freelancer rates with confidenceI stumbled upon my very first client or virtual employer on Facebook recently. We met back in 2010 when she introduced me to the world of virtual assistance.

She messaged me from the Facebook chat box: “Kudos on raising your rates with confidence!” All I can think of was thanking her for honing my skills and molding me into the virtual assistant that I am today.


The virtual assistant industry is growing. According to Rappler, there are 95,000 Filipino workers registered on Elance. Most of these Filipinos are degree holders and are impeccable English speakers. They dive into outsourcing job market sites hoping to land in a great job. This brings us to the reality of compensation. Are they getting what they deserve?

Here’s a quick video on how I raised my virtual assistant rates with confidence.

Raising rates should be driven from a business standpoint. It is done because you are worth more.  Remember, the only thing that is constant in this life is change and your pricing can’t be the same forever.

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