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Life Changing Gifts for Christmas

Life Changing Gifts for Christmas

What does Christmas really mean to you?

Christmas may mean different things to different people. For most of us, it is about gift giving. We roam the stores and browse online shopping sites to purchase the best stocking stuffers out there. But have you ever thought of giving a unique Christmas gift? Something that is life changing… something magical.

White gifts given away to a typhoon survivor.

3 Life Changing Gifts for Christmas

As much as we love giving Christmas gifts to our family and friends, we also want to give gifts to people we never met or people we do not know. We do this out of love and out of gratitude to the abundance we have in our life.

Abundance to me means good health, a good job, a complete and a happy home. I personally think that if I never have these gifts in my life, I will not be able to run a successful virtual assistant business and be of service to hundreds of people across the globe… and for that I am very grateful.

This Christmas is my opportunity to pay it forward by giving back to my local and global community, like we always do. By employing VA for Life, you are not only helping her business thrive but you are also helping the less fortunate. You are using her as a channel to share your gifts and make a real difference in somebody else life.

Here at VA for Life, Christmas does not come without giving gifts and we made you a special gift guide of unique  life changing gifts for this season. Here is the top 3 on our list:

1. The Gift of Education

You can help send a teenage girl to school and pursue the dream of a better life. In the Philippines, it is believed that education frees a person from poverty. It is a priceless gift that cannot be stolen away. Educating girls and women yields a unique impact to the society and it busts the myth that women are the most underutilized resource in a nation. VA for Life believes that educating women is power.

2. The Gift of Time

Time is very limited especially if you are a busy solopreneur or small business owner. How about gifting yourself time to free up your to-do list and enjoy the holidays? You can send VA for Life a project list and avail of its Annual Christmas Sale. It is a big annual sale that customers await each year and take advantage of the 50% off pricing. In employing VA for Life, you can get all the help you need and at the same time, send help to street children and families in her Christmas outreach project.

3. The Gift of Donation

Distance will not stop you from giving through the gift of donation. You can donate your loose change and ask VA for Life to buy the actual gift you want to give for a homeless family, street children, the sick and the calamity victims. A few dollars can purchase a decent Christmas meal, a month’s supply of medicine, a big sack of rice and canned goods, toiletries, school supplies and other basic necessities that the needy yearns for.

Give. Give back. Why not?


Everybody deserves to have a smile plus a happy and contented heart this Christmas. Pay it forward with VA for Life.



How to build a successful virtual assistant business

How to build a successful virtual assistant business

Starting a successful virtual assistant business is not that easy. It takes passion, dedication and a good amount of motivation to succeed no matter what.

This week, I got an email from Malaika in Canada and she is interested to know how I started my virtual assistant business, VA for Life, and how to get good paying clients and thrive in the industry.

Here’s her email:

Hi Diana,
I follow your page on Facebook and I have to say I enjoy viewing your posts and it is motivating. I have been trying to get my own VA business started, but it has been put on hold after the kids came along and we were in a situation where we needed a steady income. However I am determined to start it up again and hopefully be able to operate it on a full-time basis in a couple of years so I can be home with the family.

I have done content writing for three websites and have been working on a blog as well. I think I want to stay on that track of focusing on social media since it is a big part of a business these days.

I just wanted to ask you how you got started and how you find well paying clients to be able to operate full-time and make a living out of it. The biggest challenge seems to be to find the right client who will pay the money for the job. The ones I have done work for ask for next to nothing for all of the work that goes into writing the content, but I took them on to build up a portfolio.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,


Here’s my response to Mailaka.

Hi Malaika

What a joy to connect with you!

My story is quite humbling. I started with no laptop and no internet. What i had were skills and a college degree.

I would like to tell you that everything started with the belief to succeed despite the noise around you. Virtual assistance has given me so much I never thought I could have in my wildest dreams… like building a house from scratch. My struggles turned out to be the best teacher.

I would like you to start connecting locally and reach out to people you know in your area. Tell them the value of social media and how they can leverage it in their business. I have to agree that this is a hot service nowadays! Take advantage of traditional ways of marketing your business locally as it helps establish your reputation and build your way up to online marketing… making way for a global business.

Connecting with people you know will give you the realization that word of mouth works faster and you will start working with plenty of referrals. That is how I did it.

Build connections with your target customers through social media … I started with just a Facebook page until clients were asking what my website was and that was the time I developed one.

Create packages to make it easier for clients to pick what’s ideal for them, giving you a chance to work smarter and earn better.

I really hope this helps. Thank you for your continued support and I wish you a lucrative virtual assistant business in 2015.

Big hug!


Raising The Bar for Filipino Virtual Assistants

Raising The Bar for Filipino Virtual Assistants

I wonder what your notion is on Filipino virtual assistants charging cheap hourly rates.

It is obvious that I am a Filipino and my clients know that I am based in the Philippines but I am charging just about the minimum hourly wage as it is in America.

In consultation calls, when a client asks me for pricing, I confidently charge what I am worth, what my skills are worth and tell them how good of an investment I am for their business! Period! … and they say, “Oh, that sounds very reasonable considering that you have a lot of skills to offer… and your English is really good” … and we sign the contract. Simple.

I believe it is about time to change and wipe out that misconception of Filipino virtual assistants working for $1 an hour or $3/hour. That is just pretty unfair and it concerns me how that concept came about!

Filipino virtual assistants are highly competent. We speak good English, we are well-educated and we hold a College degree, and we have plenty of skills to contribute online.
We are hard working people especially if we are doing the job for our family.

The Virtual Assistant Cafe

That is the sole reason why I created the Virtual Assistant Café to empower my fellow Filipino virtual assistants and to teach them to be independent and to be confident in themselves about what they can offer to the world!

It’s really time to raise the bar for Filipino Vas!

Laptop + Geekiness = Dollars
And that is what fueled me to create Laptop + Geekiness = Dollars, my signature program for Filipino virtual assistants and for those aspiring to be one, WHO, like me, started out working for $2.50 hour for 160 hours a month and I ended up working 2 full time jobs all at once just to meet our family’s monthly budget.

So, its time to change all that and I will teach you the secret formula to how working online can be so fulfilling and financially rewarding for you through Laptop + Geekiness = Dollars!

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