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Virtual assistant PhilippinesIt was 4 years ago when I discovered the world of virtual assistance. I was a new mommy back then who just quit from government work when a company in Canada contacted me for a job opportunity. The typical me, felt instantly delighted, armed with a burning desire to find out more about this opportunity. I did not know the ropes, all I know is I acquire the skills I use to provide services to local folk who need assistance. Little did I know that these skills can actually be put into good use for busy professionals globally.

I was given a test task at that time – to install WordPress, to install a theme and to install a number of plugins. It was crazy! I did not have any idea of the terminologies! What I did was I started asking for Google’s help… and my employer’s help, until I landed my first virtual assistant position.

I was grateful.

It felt like I have the best job of all the jobs I had. I mean, I was in the media for more than 6 years but there was something lacking about it. Here, I found peace, I found contentment and I was happy knowing that I was in control of my own time.

Virtual assistance became my passion. It became my love, second to my family. The happiness of being able to provide services to people who need it became the source of bread and butter.

I look at Noah, my first born, and I feel completely amazed at what virtual assistance can actually offer to me, a new mom who was jobless at the time.

Virtual assistance
I am just one of the many virtual assistants out there, particularly in the Philippines, who are truly grateful for this opportunity.

Not too far from today, we will be moving to our new home that I call, the VA for Life HQ, which I and my husband built, out of the hard work, sweat and tears we poured into our virtual assistant positions. This is a milestone that we will always treasure and will always be proud of beyond virtual assistance.

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