A Happy Digital Detox


A lot of personal obstacles have taken place in the middle of 2013 and I have decided to take a digital detox. It is like getting a sabbatical for a beautiful purpose.

If you have been an avid fan in my VA for Life Facebook fan page, you will know how much of an open book my life is. Two deaths to two significant people in the household, my babies’ illnesses, and a house turned into ashes! I know, it is really very emotional.

Unplugging is “to give up craving, to live mindfully, to move toward nirvana (Sanskrit for ‘complete liberation’). -Faisal Hoque

The good news is, I am back! It feels really good to be back blogging and sharing tidbits about what I do and where I am at in the business.  Still alive and kicking with old and new projects, of course. I mean, I can never take my client’s needs for granted.

In the midst of the circumstances, I just wanted to share that the VA for Life headquarters has been built and my family and I are happily living in our dream home.

virtual assistant for life headquarters

Taken during our home blessing

This home is a labor of love and the fruit of virtual assistance hard work. It is proof that virtual assistance is a beautiful opportunity for many work-at-home professionals like me. An opportunity to make  life beyond better, to elevate and to be happier.  These are the results of my happy digital detox and I love it.

What is a digital detox, really and how does it help a virtual assistant?

A digital detox refers to the time you spend to get in touch with nature, your family and yourself. It is the time you are unplugged; the time you are away from any form of technology.

simple pleasures

My simple pleasure in a fancy Thai restaurant with my lovey.

It can be an hour or two away from any digital device. It happens when you clear your mind from all the work, from projects and client calls – all you need to focus is yourself, your family and nature, whatever you feel is best.


My first born (the kid on my logo), is enjoying the view of the ocean from this cliff.

You can choose to have your weekend as your digital detox. Unplugged.  Mind you, a little down time (for good) is great!

You see, we really need to break away from the coma of our work routine. Get out of the office. Dress up. Accessorize. Live life to the fullest.


Time to be a mom with my cute little one.

Take the time out to stop and smell the roses.

Are you willing to have this weekend as your digital detox? Leave your comments below.


heart-centered virtual assistant