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Have you edged yet? When I used to work in a big company with business experts nationwide (in the USA), I learned about the word edge. Edge or edge ranking is the term we use when we do the work. Well what is edge for?

What is Edge?
When you post status updates, comments, likes and share on your Facebook page, you are doing the ‘edge’! Any action you do to your fan page or personal page you are edge ranking it.

Many business owners love to get the edge and the benefits they reap from it. That’s because these activities help elevate their EdgeRank. The more they edge their pages the higher they top to the News Feeds.

Now to make your edge a blast, you must understand what Affinity is. Affinity refers to the connection between a user and an edge similar to a brand’s relationship to its fan. Continuous interaction, commenting and engagement is therefore necessary in order to build Affinity.

Giving a status update a ‘Like’ is not enough. You need to comment! I personally feel that commenting is something more valuable than a like. Commenting gives so much Weight to your Facebook page. Now to give more Weight to your post, share different content types of Edges like Videos, Photos, Status Updates and Links. Then you will the engagement plus the weight you deserve.

You should remember that time is an element as you edge in Facebook. They call it “Time Decay.” Time Decay represents how fresh your edge is and the engagement you are getting. Your edge ages like we all do and it loses value!

Why edge?
Businesses would love to get edged a lot because they want to be seen by a lot of people! They gain a good ROI from the Facebook marketing budget they invest.

Now here’s my two cents worth, keep your Facebook Edge as interesting and fresh as you could. You can always get lucky to get more than just a ‘Like.’

If you are seeking optimum exposure and comments that only Channing Tatum gets, let us help you and your Edge objects soar the ranks. It is vital you understand how this algorithm works for your business when you want to market your product or service massively! Tell us how we can help your business today.


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