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I am shameless to tell the world that $2.50/hour made me feel thrice as much richer!

Back when I was starting out as a virtual assistant, I was paid for $2.50/hour and I used to work on my dresser.

I used to work on my dresser.

I felt at that time that this was the turning point of my career. I felt that I leveled up at some point. I felt grateful for the gift called virtual assistance.

Today, I want to share with you my early beginnings as a virtual assistant. Would you believe that I started working without a computer and without internet? I know you are surprised and curious with a big question like, “How in the world?!”

It happened that my husband works as technical support to small businesses in the city. He had clients who brought their computer to him for a check-up, an upgrade and some fixes.

Visiting daddy at his computer repair shop.

When I heard about virtual assistance, I gave it a try by borrowing one of the laptops that he has. I explored the world of online jobs in an internet cafe and when I brought the laptop home, to my luck, it connected to a WiFi spot nearby! I know, I was lucky. I registered to one of those online job sites and left my resume, the next day I got 5 emails from business owners in Canada and USA. To make the long story short, I was hired, trained by the company and bloomed into a virtual assistant. It was Barbara White who hired me and she trained me for one month… until she decided to absorb me as her worker in her company, Beyond Better Development, and provided me a laptop to use.

My hardcore laptop, Vostro. It has been with me for 3 years, struck by lightning and got stolen away from a house break-in, but it still found me.

I am always humbled by my virtual assistant roots. I am not ashamed to share how I started as a virtual assistant. I will be forever to grateful to Barbara and how she helped me discover my full potential.

Four years later, I managed to climb the ranks and elevated into a business owner. This time, it is no longer $2.50/hour. VA for Life charges what she is worth today. I know that there is a lot of competition out there, domestic and abroad, but I am confident about the value that I offer to my clients.  I put it in my heart that working with VA for Life is an investment.

Indeed, I am truly grateful to the people who has helped me climb this notch. They deserve a round of applause. After all, without my mentors and my clients what would VA for Life be?

There are only 3 pricing models to choose from. My pricing models describe the people I work with: Sophisticated, Elite and the VIP.  Check out my Retainer Plans today.

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