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“How do you get clients?” One of my VA friends asked.

“Endless marketing,” I answered.

When I do my online marketing routine per week, I connect with hundreds of people online to promote my services for hours on end. Gratefully, I manage to take in additional clients after every “marketing session.”

Why Generate Sales Leads

Generating sales leads are very important in operating a business. It is a marketing strategy used to attract prospective clients who will later on patronize your business. This strategy is particularly used for internet marketers in promoting their product and services online. Here are a few tips on how a virtual assistant can help you generate sales leads.

Mobile websites. Reach out to the mobile community by optimizing your website for mobile phones. We cannot deny the fact that mobile is taking our society by storm. With a smartphone, anybody can check your business website anytime. You certainly DO NOT want to miss one-half of all Internet searches for local products and services!

What I can do: With my Photoshop skills and a little of creativity, I transform traditional websites into mobile-friendly websites. Mobile websites are so much easier to navigate PLUS they gain higher mobile search engine rankings!

Business cards, flyers and brochures can never be out of fashion. While you think that using paper is out of date these days, think again. You can still market your business with paper. Save money by getting a virtual assistant design your promotional flyers, brochures and business cards.

What I can do: I love desktop publishing. I have been doing it for 15 years and I am happy to provide this service to my offline and online clients. I conceptualize a brochure or a flyer for them to promote their services locally. After all, traditional advertising campaigns like this never go out of fashion. So it is only practical to combine modern advertising with traditional advertising strategies.

Start an email campaign that will send out latest news about your shop. Make a newsletter to persuade people to visit to your website. This will give you a good list of targeted customers. Give them juicy and interesting details about your business, the latest promos and sale that await them.

What I can do: I help key clients set up email campaigns and newsletters from Aweber or Mailchimp. This type of content comes out once or twice per week depending on the client’s preference.

Social media. Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in promoting your business there. You will certainly get lots of comments and feedback directly from your customers. Plus you can find your target clients who are interested about your product or service by searching for them there and by communicating with them. Social media is the new word of mouth advertising and this is another inexpensive strategy to promote your business compared to traditional advertising.

What I can do: I craft out relevant status updates for my client’s business. This is very helpful when a client is promoting a product or a new service and I always make sure that I add their link to the website when posting or scheduling these status updates for them.

Connect with media. When you have a local event coming up, you simply want to connect with the local media. Get a press release out. Hire a virtual assistant who can generate the content for you with a news worthy appeal. You can distribute copies of your press release to local media outlets as well as online.

What I do: Armed with a Journalism degree, I help clients by writing press releases for them. I also manage to distribute them to PR directories online. This is an awesome way of spreading the word out as well as as acquire tons of free publicity.

I can just go on and one. I guess I will be writing another installment of this topic again soon. Remember, it is important to provide your customers with value added service and to make them feel it is worthy to pay the price of what you are selling. Excellent virtual assistant service takes guts, hard work and patience without compromising the quality of work you offer. Keep in mind that happy customers do come back and they give a referral too!

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    Bringing in profit to your business nowadays is just a click away. Selling your services/products, marketing and branding with the help of a virtual sales assistant is the best option.

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