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We have always heard the maxim ‘Content is King’ but how does that fully serve your business? Often times I hear my clients say how much they leverage their content by going into great lengths of article marketing but not all have been successful. So what could be the missing link?

Since it is going to Valentine’s Day this week and VA for Life loves, loves, loves YOU, I would like to share to you how to make love to your content in 5 easy strategies.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is one of the most affordable ways you can do to drive traffic to your website. Your content may be in the form of an article, a press release, a video, a status update for your social media profiles, a podcast, a Powerpoint presentation or an infographic. You produce these kinds of content to establish an awareness for your business. This should be relevant, compelling and engaging.

Making Love to Your Content

There are many possible ways on how to use your content to serve its purpose. Here are 5 easy steps that I want to share to you on how to leverage your content like a pro.

1. Create an editorial calendar. Map out the topics that you want to feature depending on your publishing schedule in a calendar. You can do this by creating a Google Calendar and write  in the topics that you want to publish one month in advance. Planning ahead of time is key and this works very well when you have a blog or you need content themes for your social media accounts.

2. Present a solution to the need.  I remember brainstorming with two of the writers in our team and I always tell them to ‘present a solution to the need.’ So if your niche is on home staging, you might want to create content that offers tips and hints on interior decorating. This works very well for search engines and link juice.

3. Bump it up with well targeted keywords. Now, you don’t need to spend on keyword research for this. Check out Google’s keyword tool – it is free. Use relevant keywords and key phrases and spread it out in your article, title, file name and even to your images.

4. Link juice love. It is very important to create backlinks that point to your content because search engines love link juice.  You can do this by leaving comments on relevant blog posts and forums with a link back to your blog or website. Remember, the goal here is to provide value or presenting a solution to the need. That means deliver purposeful content in your blog comments that any reader will find it useful. On top of that, make sure to format your text to grasp the reader’s eye. That means, you break your paragraphs into sections and use sub headings and bold your keywords up. Another way of creating link juice is by publishing your content in article directories such as Yahoo! Contributor Network; Publish Myself, Author Palace, Article Online Directory,  Buzzle and Ezine Articles among many other sites.

5. Socialize! Now, I can never afford to forget to socialize my content.  Once this blog is published, you will see this out in my Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and Linkedin. But the key to merchandising this blog is not just by writing its title and link and click post. I make sure I fashion it with some eye candy! To find out what I am trying to say, check out my VA for Life Facebook fanpage today.

Remember, always work smarter and never harder!

I certainly hope you find this post purposeful in your business endeavors. Share us what you think …

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