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I have heard several claims that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is ‘dead’. The exaggeration of it is making me feel sick. I don’t think that SEO is dead – no, it is not ill, nor it is dying!

The buzz started when content generation and social media have taken the Internet by storm. In fact, rumors say that, ‘content is the new SEO,’ then another claim says ‘social media is the new SEO.’  Well, I believe that content generation and Social Media is PART of the new SEO strategy.

As a virtual assistant, I strongly believe in SEO and how it helps many businesses online. The need for SEO is important as long as there are search engines that help people find what they are looking for on the Internet. What we do is integrate Social Media plus content into our SEO action plan.

[box type=”bio”] So if you are faced with the question, “Is SEO really dead?” The answer to that would be a big, resounding ‘NO!’ Never ditch SEO from your online marketing strategy. Instead, incorporate Social Media plus content generation into your SEO tactics! SEO is constantly evolving and part of the evolution is adding new techniques in place.[/box]

Here are top three tips and hints on how to use SEO in order to claim online visibility and get targeted web traffic to your website.

  1. Optimize your content with long tail keywords. Right, this doesn’t sound new but it still very effective in SEO. What terms or phrases are your potential customers using to find your business? Research about it and then write articles that will have those keywords or key phrases in your content.
  2. Leverage the power of ‘love links’. Search engines love link juice and you want to perform this strategy within your website. Interlink your new content to your older and relevant content. It is a simple thing to do but is helps your WordPress website rank in the search engines. Take note: You do not want to do over linking. Search engines only recognize the first link or hyperlink in your blog post. BUT,  Google definitely love ‘love links’ to up to 5 hyperlinks spread out on your content.
  3. Promote. When your content is published, you don’t want to just sit and wait. Promote it in your social media channels. Leverage Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Now, there are many ways to promote your content on these sites but I would like to feature that on my next blog. So stay tuned for more tips and hints only here in Diana’s Blog.

Keep blooming!


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