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What does Christmas really mean to you?

Christmas may mean different things to different people. For most of us, it is about gift giving. We roam the stores and browse online shopping sites to purchase the best stocking stuffers out there. But have you ever thought of giving a unique Christmas gift? Something that is life changing… something magical.

White gifts given away to a typhoon survivor.

3 Life Changing Gifts for Christmas

As much as we love giving Christmas gifts to our family and friends, we also want to give gifts to people we never met or people we do not know. We do this out of love and out of gratitude to the abundance we have in our life.

Abundance to me means good health, a good job, a complete and a happy home. I personally think that if I never have these gifts in my life, I will not be able to run a successful virtual assistant business and be of service to hundreds of people across the globe… and for that I am very grateful.

This Christmas is my opportunity to pay it forward by giving back to my local and global community, like we always do. By employing VA for Life, you are not only helping her business thrive but you are also helping the less fortunate. You are using her as a channel to share your gifts and make a real difference in somebody else life.

Here at VA for Life, Christmas does not come without giving gifts and we made you a special gift guide of unique  life changing gifts for this season. Here is the top 3 on our list:

1. The Gift of Education

You can help send a teenage girl to school and pursue the dream of a better life. In the Philippines, it is believed that education frees a person from poverty. It is a priceless gift that cannot be stolen away. Educating girls and women yields a unique impact to the society and it busts the myth that women are the most underutilized resource in a nation. VA for Life believes that educating women is power.

2. The Gift of Time

Time is very limited especially if you are a busy solopreneur or small business owner. How about gifting yourself time to free up your to-do list and enjoy the holidays? You can send VA for Life a project list and avail of its Annual Christmas Sale. It is a big annual sale that customers await each year and take advantage of the 50% off pricing. In employing VA for Life, you can get all the help you need and at the same time, send help to street children and families in her Christmas outreach project.

3. The Gift of Donation

Distance will not stop you from giving through the gift of donation. You can donate your loose change and ask VA for Life to buy the actual gift you want to give for a homeless family, street children, the sick and the calamity victims. A few dollars can purchase a decent Christmas meal, a month’s supply of medicine, a big sack of rice and canned goods, toiletries, school supplies and other basic necessities that the needy yearns for.

Give. Give back. Why not?


Everybody deserves to have a smile plus a happy and contented heart this Christmas. Pay it forward with VA for Life.



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