how to balance work and life
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how to balance work and lifeHappy New Year to all of my avid readers! After a month-long hiatus from blogging, here I am back in the grind. It has been an awesome first month of the year for me with work and all but as I took the time to reassess my life, it made me pause.  The love that I have in what I do makes me feel like I am married to my work without knowing that I lack balance.

Being a work-at-home professional, a mom, and a wife is not as easy as 1-2-3.  As I juggle the demands of my personal life and career life all together, I realized how much I need to strike a better and a healthier balance.  So, let me share to you what I came up with on how to balance work and life.

3.  Learn to say ‘No.’  When you are at the peak of providing virtual assistant services, you may find it hard to say ‘No’ to new business opportunities coming in even if your plate is already full. And since you love what you do, you just want to grab the opportunity feeling like you just can’t afford to let the new client go. It is alright to respectfully say ‘No.’ When you do, you will have more time for family and for yourself.

That’s me with my highest paying clients.

2. Separate work from your personal life. With the advent of new technology, I can’t help feeling tempted to open my email, Skype and Facebook to check who is contacting me. So what I do, is leave my gadgets home and focus on the moment with my family and friends.  Also, I sit in front of my computer only during work hours. Set a specific time for work and when you are not doing any virtual assistant tasks, take advantage of that time to spend it for your personal life like go to the salon, watch movies with the kids, bake or catch a quick date with your love one.

1. Delegate. The word ‘delegate’ is the most highlighted term found in my working bible this year. It is the secret that will allow you to get a lot of things done especially your least favorite tasks or the tasks that you can’t handle. As long as you trust the people you work with and you know the quality of work they produce, go ahead and delegate.  Delegating will not only give you extra time to spend with friends and family but it will also give you more focus on what you are at and increase productivity in your business. So, what are you waiting for? Delegate to elevate now!

These 3 steps to finding balance in life is not something that really happens overnight. You need to live it. Examine your life right now and ask yourself, “Do I have balance in life?”

Before I end this blog, let me thank the contributors to the Pay It Forward with VA for Life Christmas Outreach Program we had last December. We were able to raise money with your support and give the gift of love, joy and hope last Christmas. Here is a quick video to show you the highlights of our first outreach program.

Keep blooming!

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