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I wonder what your notion is on Filipino virtual assistants charging cheap hourly rates.

It is obvious that I am a Filipino and my clients know that I am based in the Philippines but I am charging just about the minimum hourly wage as it is in America.

In consultation calls, when a client asks me for pricing, I confidently charge what I am worth, what my skills are worth and tell them how good of an investment I am for their business! Period! … and they say, “Oh, that sounds very reasonable considering that you have a lot of skills to offer… and your English is really good” … and we sign the contract. Simple.

I believe it is about time to change and wipe out that misconception of Filipino virtual assistants working for $1 an hour or $3/hour. That is just pretty unfair and it concerns me how that concept came about!

Filipino virtual assistants are highly competent. We speak good English, we are well-educated and we hold a College degree, and we have plenty of skills to contribute online.
We are hard working people especially if we are doing the job for our family.

The Virtual Assistant Cafe

That is the sole reason why I created the Virtual Assistant Café to empower my fellow Filipino virtual assistants and to teach them to be independent and to be confident in themselves about what they can offer to the world!

It’s really time to raise the bar for Filipino Vas!

Laptop + Geekiness = Dollars
And that is what fueled me to create Laptop + Geekiness = Dollars, my signature program for Filipino virtual assistants and for those aspiring to be one, WHO, like me, started out working for $2.50 hour for 160 hours a month and I ended up working 2 full time jobs all at once just to meet our family’s monthly budget.

So, its time to change all that and I will teach you the secret formula to how working online can be so fulfilling and financially rewarding for you through Laptop + Geekiness = Dollars!

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  1. Marnette Torredes

    I would like to commend your concern for Filipino Virtual Assistants as well as those aspiring too. I definitely agree that Filipinos are gems when it comes to work because the do not only do the work but they are also passionate about their work. And that is greatly needed if you want to see good results in the end.

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