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Having a network to support your website is vital to get more readerships and credibility among internet users. Product campaigns can be easily launched with confidence that there will be a good number of people to participate in it. But if you are solely using Facebook, your missing out a great deal of opportunities that Google can bring to your business.

SEO strategy
In less than 5 years, Google has already built an online ecosystem which is of great advantage in internet marketing.  SEO, being on the side of Google could be more secured, and creating an image of being trusted becomes easier under Google’s branding umbrella.  So if you are still using Facebook as part of your SEO and/or social media strategy, let’s work to elevate that a bit with the help of Google. Its apps are very effective!

marketing strategy
1.    YouTube
Google acquired YouTube recently, and campaigns through videos can now be easily shared in Google+, as well as comments made by ticking the box saying “also show in Google+”.
Comments in Google+ from the video shared would also appear on YouTube’s website and vice versa as long as it was enabled by the user. Exchanging in comments is a good sign in increasing awareness and engagement about your video.
2.    Maps
Google Maps is highly used among people who are using GPS, and even those who are just looking for physical stores of their favourite products. If you get listed in Google Places, your visibility towards potential customers is increased. This would also work great if you receive good ratings from your previous sales.
3.    Google+
If you are looking for a more serious market, then Google+ could help you. With the popularity of Facebook, only people who have serious internet usage join Google+. Google+ is a perfect medium for launching content or campaigns that needs more attention.
Google+ isn’t that crowded and worthy posts could easily get noticed.
Google’s ecosystem can be very beneficial if you are looking for a network that would surely last long. It is very easy to use, given that almost all of the things that you need to get connected is already part of its system.

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