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Starting a successful virtual assistant business is not that easy. It takes passion, dedication and a good amount of motivation to succeed no matter what.

This week, I got an email from Malaika in Canada and she is interested to know how I started my virtual assistant business, VA for Life, and how to get good paying clients and thrive in the industry.

Here’s her email:

Hi Diana,
I follow your page on Facebook and I have to say I enjoy viewing your posts and it is motivating. I have been trying to get my own VA business started, but it has been put on hold after the kids came along and we were in a situation where we needed a steady income. However I am determined to start it up again and hopefully be able to operate it on a full-time basis in a couple of years so I can be home with the family.

I have done content writing for three websites and have been working on a blog as well. I think I want to stay on that track of focusing on social media since it is a big part of a business these days.

I just wanted to ask you how you got started and how you find well paying clients to be able to operate full-time and make a living out of it. The biggest challenge seems to be to find the right client who will pay the money for the job. The ones I have done work for ask for next to nothing for all of the work that goes into writing the content, but I took them on to build up a portfolio.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,


Here’s my response to Mailaka.

Hi Malaika

What a joy to connect with you!

My story is quite humbling. I started with no laptop and no internet. What i had were skills and a college degree.

I would like to tell you that everything started with the belief to succeed despite the noise around you. Virtual assistance has given me so much I never thought I could have in my wildest dreams… like building a house from scratch. My struggles turned out to be the best teacher.

I would like you to start connecting locally and reach out to people you know in your area. Tell them the value of social media and how they can leverage it in their business. I have to agree that this is a hot service nowadays! Take advantage of traditional ways of marketing your business locally as it helps establish your reputation and build your way up to online marketing… making way for a global business.

Connecting with people you know will give you the realization that word of mouth works faster and you will start working with plenty of referrals. That is how I did it.

Build connections with your target customers through social media … I started with just a Facebook page until clients were asking what my website was and that was the time I developed one.

Create packages to make it easier for clients to pick what’s ideal for them, giving you a chance to work smarter and earn better.

I really hope this helps. Thank you for your continued support and I wish you a lucrative virtual assistant business in 2015.

Big hug!


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