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Outsourcing to the PhilippinesYes. I am from the Philippines. I help busy professionals and business people in any administrative work they need. My clients are based in the USA, UK, Canada and anywhere else in the globe.

Isn’t that amazing?

It was when 3 years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to this promising industry. I was thrilled about the idea but little to I know that this idea will change my life forever. It literally became my life!

It was not so long ago that Philippines joined the virtual rat race. Business process outsourcing companies slowly flourished and employment has been made available to many Filipinos. Thanks to technology! It has made applying for  job a lot easier than the usual. No need for commute!

So what makes foreigners want to hire Filipinos?

Well there is a thing called KPO. KPO stands for Knowledge Process Outsourcing. Knowledge and skill is abundant here. The Philippines is not only blessed with good-nature people but they have a good brain to match. They know how to speak the English languange and they are fast learners. No wonder why many BPOs are sprouting in areas like Davao, Cebu, Dumaguete and other parts of the country.

Business Processing Outsourcing is one of the key reasons of the country’s economic growth. Just recently, KPO started to gain popularity that has seen to also help a lot in the progress of the Philippine economy. Specialized awareness and skills, value creation, cost reductions and shortage of skilled labor are the reason why Knowledge Processing Outsourcing was created. It is very important for a company for its competitiveness. Analytical and technical skills are much needed with KPO.

The difference of BPO and KPO is that the Business Processing Outsourcing delegates the business’ internal operations for the company to focus on its core activities. In contrast, Knowledge Processing Outsourcing supplies manpower for the organization’s core activities. The manpower should possess advanced analytical skills to do this. Fortunately, Filipinos hold these required skills for the core operation activities.

Our country is producing thousands of graduates every year, even professionals. These graduates come mainly from engineering and computer related courses. With the Philippines high quality of education, it is assured that the graduates they are producing are competitive professionals. Filipinos also possess good characteristics and attributes that make them attractive to employers.

Yes. The Philippines is an appealing hub of business professionals to foreigners. It is a hot labor pool of professionals that foreign clients are after of.

In fact, the Call Center Directory of Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) disclosed that there are nearly 800 call centers in over 20 prime locations.The country is one of the leading providers of global outsourcing and Filipinos are proud to own specialized skills.

Although the BPO only requires proficient communication skills, Filipinos are also capable of doing analytical tasks which attracts KPO. Legal and medical services, research and development, web content, animation and design are some of the KPO’s tasks.

I am happy to make my skills available to foreign clients!

VA for Life or Virtual Assistant for Life – so to speak. I personally feel that working virtually is for life. This is the kind of career I will have perhaps for the rest of my life. It is for keeps and I love my clients the way I love my job!

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