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In one of my Facebook escapades of connecting, engaging and interacting, I was asked by Mrs. RoadRunner what a virtual assistant is. So I thought, why not write a blog about what is a virtual assistant. Mrs. RoadRunner, this blog is for you!

Based on what I do, a virtual assistant is an online secretary or an assistant who provides services remotely using a computer. Thanks to the amazing power of technology and how it connects lives of busy people to their virtual assistant. Talk about real awesomeness!

I have been doing this virtual career of mine for about 3 years and yes it will be for life, thus, VA for Life! I love the idea of working at home near my family. There are plenty of perks being a VA or a virtual assistant. I simply find it exciting to “meet” and talk to different people across the globe. Plus, I get to share my skills globally at a very affordable cost. Virtual assistants like me are a great help to many entrepreneurs and professionals. We help make lives easier, businesses prosper and an online presence visible.

Virtual assistants can do a lot. Every minute counts! While other VAs specialize on certain skills and services – some virtual assistants provide an all-in-one service. For me, I help in social media (which is my favorite), content generation, graphic work (which is also my favorite), SEO and more.

Yes, virtual assistants are not only capable of data entry or general administrative work! Virtual assistants are definitely NOT a bunch of under-qualified women dressed in pajamas and bunny slippers all day. We are quick learners. We got brains. We have a degree and we definitely dress presentably (in case a client calls). But really, virtual assistants are the whole package.

If you are one of those busy entrepreneurs or professionals out there who need a hand, you are very wise in hiring a virtual assistant and together, we help each other grow!

For questions and comments, do not hesitate to email me or leave your shout-outs in the comment section. Thanks!

One thought on “Too many people ask me what a VA is”
  1. Hi there Diana,
    Nice write up!
    I think what confused me in VA, is here in America we have Veterans Affairs, VA for short.
    Now when I hear someone saying VA, I will think of virtual assistant as well :0)

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