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escape 9to5 copy More than two years ago, I was sitting at an internet cafe and spent ga-ga hours trying to solve a WordPress installation task. That was the very first request my British client gave me and I did not know what to do!

Looking back, I learned how important it is to have a passion, to be hungry for learning and to be brave enough to ask questions.

Today, I honestly could not believe how things connected and how it literally gave me a better life. I am truly humbled by the tremendous support from fans, clients and a great team!

As a way of giving thanks, I am hosting a month-long Anniversary Sale for only $200 for 20 hours of dedicated professional support. All our earnings from this endeavor will go to our sponsored teen who is now pursuing her dream to finish her studies in High School.

Thank you for joining me to celebrate another great year of friendship, abundance and prosperity!

Do you have a question for me regarding my 200 @ 2 for 20 Anniversary Sale? Get all the answers here!


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